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Hi. I'm Frankie O’Connor.
'The Spiritual PT' Glasgow based personal trainer & holistic life Coach

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a profound passion to help others.

My infatuation with self development and mindfulness threw me into the world of Coaching and seeing my clients succeed and find peace themselves gives me great fulfilment.

Throughout my career and life experience I have gained priceless knowledge first hand, know exactly what works, is healthy and realistic.

Have a look around my website then get in touch and let me help you achieve your goals!


I pride myself on promoting whole wellness and supporting individuals to optimise their lives through a body and mind transformation.

Whether its fat loss, bulking up or to feel more confident, my knowledge, has helped my clients optimise their lives and achieve their goals!

Nothing worth while comes easy and achieving your goals takes dedication and hard work!

There’s no excuses!

I obsess about results and specialise in;

  • Bringing a persons true self to the surface
  • Body fat reduction
  • Form within exercise
  • Nutritional direction
  • Mindset transformation

My mission is to help you be happier within yourself, achieve your goals and become THE TRUE YOU!

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My Clients Say....

  • Paul
  • Barry
  • Caroline
  • Louise
  • Liam
  • Ella
  • Liam
  • Frankie
  • Paul


    Honestly mate, I know its me putting the work in but I can’t thank you enough for helping me get on a path that I never thought I could. Your an Awesome PT and I appreciate everything you do!

    You’re a good man and I love training with you!

  • Barry


    I can’t thank Frankie enough. He has helped me become stronger, fitter and had me enjoying it along the way. I am now eating better and using all the tips he has passed on. He has helped change my mindset on how i see training and eating and I’m committed to this new lifestyle that I thought I would never be able to achieve.

    Best of it is he just a genuine guy wanting to help you.

  • Caroline


    The most caring, genuine and supportive PT you’ll find!

    Frankie is able to cater to exactly what you want regarding nutrition, exercise and any other advice you need.

    He consistently tracks my progress and adapts the plan accordingly so we are still seeing results. Basically he’s the best of the best!

  • Louise


    Frankie has been absolutely amazing with me on a PT level, but also on a level that helped me deal with my insecurities, pain from my hip issue and my stress!

    I could not recommend a better PT, if you are willing to put your all in, Frankie will give you his all and most importantly he cares about each and every one of his clients!

    He loves what he does and it shows! I started off at 71.5kg and I am down to 59.5kg.

    Thank you Frankie!

  • Liam


    I came to Frankie to shed some weight I'd gained after getting married and going travelling.

    The transformation I saw in myself after such a short time was unreal, and the dedication of Frankie to help me reach my goal was second to none.

    He's a crackin' guy as well, always happy to help with anything, not just fitness related.

    I'd recommend him to anybody aiming to lose weight, build muscle or just get fitter.

  • Ella


    He will not let you give up. I have a tendency to not believe I can do things and he is there to encourage you when you want to stop and give up.

    He has so much knowledge about what he’s talking about and not only about the physical side but also the mental side as well.

    If you put 100% in he’ll be there the whole way to guide you and support you, even on the bad days. Frankie genuinely cares about you and wants what’s best for you, I couldn’t recommend a better PT!

  • Liam


    I started training with Frankie in February and the results have been fantastic.

    I’ve felt stronger as well as lost weight. He’s a genuinely caring guy who’s there to help you reach your goals no matter what they are.

    His knowledge and support when it comes to nutrition and training make him one of the best in the business and I’d recommend him to anyone.

  • Frankie


    It all starts with yourself! My fitness journey both physically and mentally has been full of ups and downs like everyone else’s and I have experienced first hand that it isn’t a linear one.

    Personal Trainers themselves have periods where things are tougher than usual. With my work load racking up, it caused my fitness and personal goals to take a back seat.

    However as a coach I have to set my standards high and set an example for my clients.

    With my knowledge of transformation, it took 8 weeks of hard work and nutritional adherence along with flexible dieting to achieve this. However the work never stops there.

The Cabin

Do you get nervous training in a busy gym?

Are you looking for a private space for 1-1 personal training?

The Cabin is right here in Southside Glasgow and offers a personalised 1-1 private or buddy experience without worry of on lookers or feeling intimidated. It’s a great way to work on your skills and techniques in private so you can feel more confident on the gym floor.

The Cabin offers state of the art equipment such as a Weight Cage for squats, presses and pull ups, Lat Pull Down, a Rowing Machine and Treadmill for cardio training and a wide variety of Dumbbells, Kettlebells and Functional Equipment to get your heart pounding.

The Spiritual PT @ The Cabin
The Spiritual PT @ The Cabin

Our Members Area

Each of our members has online access to The Spiritual Personal Training Hub.

It's an area packed with a plethora of Training Videos, Nutritional Resources, Mindset Check Lists and so much more. You simply can’t fail at achieving greatness.

If you're already a member click the sign in button to get started, else get in touch with me and we will start your journey.

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